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We have our own local guides who are part of a professional guiding team.  They are wildlife and fauna experts with over 10 years guiding experience in the industry. Our guides are also keen photographers who will always be willing to capture your client’s experiences. We strive to match the best guide to your client’s interests and needs.

“Safari experts with a wealth of knowledge.”

David Anatory

David Anatory is one of our most conservation driven guides in Tanzania. He has a passion for the wildlife of his country and believes in sharing this with the world by practising responsible guiding – respecting the wildlife and their space. David is also an avid photographer who is always on the lookout for the perfect shot.

Solomon Mkumbo

Solomon Mkumbo’s passion for what he does is easily recognizable by his positive and friendly nature. Having grown up in Tanzania, he loves to share the beauty of his country with travelers in a hands-on approach. He is a wildlife expert and loves to share his knowledge with travelers.

Richard Kimaro

Richard Kimaro grew up knowing that he wanted to be in the company of wildlife and people for the rest of his life, and followed a career in guiding. He is one of our most experienced guides and knows Tanzania like the back of his hand. He is an excellent tracker and also a keen photographer.

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We have over a century of luxury travel industry experience and knowledge within our team which enables us to deliver expert advice every time.